The domain

Issued from « bas-alpins » family, in charge of more than 20 ha of lavender, in MoustiersSainte-Marie area, Nathalie Pacioselli and her husband Jean-Patrick, citizen of Nice, and proud of it, started from scratch in 2006, a vineyard domain, on the AOC Bellet, located on the west hills of the city of Nice.

In early 2001, this graduated in Human resources from Paris XII University, and that graduated in civil works from the Ecole des Travaux Publics of Paris, came back to school, in Beaune, Burgundy, to learn and get their certificates of wine maker.

A small land rented in 2006 allowed them to make their fist steps in the wine world in making their first wine.Then, 2 ha of rough land are bought in 2007, prepared and planted in 2008 and 2009 of Rolle, Braquet, Folle Noire and Grenache, typical grape variety from the AOC Bellet, the Wine from Nice, French Riviera.

From the very beginning, the Domain is entering into the Organic Farming process, and his now fully certified. The domain has been organized around the young vines, which allowed bringing the production from 500 to more that 5000 bottles today.